Ion Pro-Wave Footbath


Some people are raving about it; others say it's a foot detox scam or hoax, which leaves the remaining individuals feeling confused and skeptical.

Many companies who sell the ionic foot detox machine are marketing them with the claim that what is seen in the water after a typical treatment are toxins leaving the body through the pores in the feet. Some vendors even refer to the water as alkaline or ionized water, leading consumers to believe that any positive results they receive are directly related to the waters reduced or alkaline pH. But neither of these statements is entirely true and this misleading information has caused many people to question the foot detox all together.

The truth is the debris and discoloration of the water happen for a variety of reasons; the metal electrodes in the array are corroding, there are small amounts of gases being released into the water as the pH is reduced, toxins are being eliminated from the body through osmosis of the skin and many elements that are present in our everyday tap water are being broken down into the tub of water. All four of these processes occur as a result of the electrolysis that takes place when a small generator called an array is placed into a tub of salty tap water while an individual's feet are immersed in the water for approximately thirty minutes to an hour

Technically the electrolysis that takes place during an ionic foot detox session causes the water to become alkaline and ionized. But it appears to be the negative hydrogen ion and not the fact that the ph has been reduced that is the culprit for any health benefits that occur after receiving an ionic foot detox treatment. This simple negative H ion acts as an antioxidant in the body when internalized. In its natural form, the negative hydrogen ion has a relatively short life span, but in the water of an ionic foot detox this ion has a smaller surface area and is protected by small clusters of water molecules that act as a shelter prolonging its life and making it more easily absorbed through osmosis.

So we can now see that the changes in water color are not only due to the toxins being released into the water, but due to all four of the processes that take place as the result of electrolysis and the health benefits are not a direct result of the reduced pH but of a very primitive element which has existed since the beginning of time called the negative hydrogen ion.

Although the information given to consumers is not necessarily false information nor is the information an Ion foot detox scam, it is misleading and should be used as an example to show everyone how important it is to communicate.


Where is the water color coming from?
We clearly explain in our literature and certification pack questions regards our Ion Pro Wave that there is water color within the tub regardless of anyone being in the water or not when sessions are running. (See page 29 under Technical Information within the F-117 Setup Instruction manual as well as the the Ion Pro Wave Energy System booklet under the heading "What is the significance of color?")

The bath on the left was run with feet in the water.  Pictured right unit run with no feet. The above was run using an ION Pro Wave Dual Output Splitter.  The same program was run at the exact same time with two tubs of water, with one  (pictured right) no feet in the water.  Note the baseline color of the water on the right tube is carmel, while the tub on the left (feet in water) is green.
The Ion Pro Wave is designed as a frequency delivery device and should NOT be compared to other foot baths on the market making outrageous claims that the change in water color is ALL coming from you. The baseline color on a new Ion Pro Wave is usually carmel colored.
Water color is caused primarily by plating. There usually is some variance of color from person to person due to some drawing of biological material (Note Picture Above). Having said this, these foot baths generate positive ions which can have a drawing effect on positively charged ions within the body. We do not claim that the foot baths alone are capable of replacing other forms of detoxification, this is why we promote Clear Line products,  Click here: NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT | TrueRife Instruments as well as mention things such as Chelation therapy as part of our research notes within our programs.




The fact that ionization will draw biological debris which has been demonstrated in our own network research study conducted by a doctor within a hospital setting in New Jersey. Samples of the water were placed under a laboratory microscope, and biological debris was clearly observable.

Programs within the Ion Pro Wave folder contain research frequencies to stimulate the body's own internal detoxification systems to try to assist the body in removing toxicity. The Ion Pro Wave is primarily a frequency delivery device used by researchers for targeting and stimulating certain body functions.
You will note in our training video below we make NO mention of water color as regards our Ion Pro Wave foot bath. Click here: Training Video Part 3 / Ionic Foot Bath / TrueSilver and PlasmaSphere Applications – YouTube
It should also be noted that our Web Page that feature the Ion Pro Wave module makes NO mention of water color. Nor do we picture a tub full of muddy water. It does present a researchers qoute of the electroporation effects on the cell membrane wall. Click here: Ion Pro Wave / Professional Ion foot bath System

Movement of Protons through Ion Pro Wave Electrolysis System


The Ion Prow Wave system (formerly referred to as Effectrolysis) uses the action of electrolysis to deliver our research frequencies. This approach has at times produced incredible reports as regards reversal of a variety of conditions. We have speculated on a number of possible reasons for these reports. The following conclusions are merely speculative and unproven, but may lend insight into what this system may be doing on the molecular level or in this case on the atomic level.

Electrolysis Explained

Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2) due to an electric current being passed through the water. The Ion Pro introduces both electrical current a programmed frequencies during sessions.

An electrical power source is connected to two electrodes, or two plates, (typically made from some inert metal such as stainless steel) which are placed in the water. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode (the negatively charged electrode or Top plate in the Ion Pro Wave array, where electrons are pumped into the water), and oxygen will appear at the anode (the positively charged electrode or bottom plate in the Ion Pro Wave array).

The bubbling effects of the Ion Pro Wave is the result of Hydrogen being generated at the Cathode or top plate within the Ion Pro Wave internal array. These are clearly observable.

Pure water has an electrical conductivity about one millionth that of seawater. It is sped up dramatically by adding an electrolyte (such as a sea salt, ) this is why we add on tablespoon of Sea Salt to the water before starting a session.

The Migration of Protons

When the water is supplied at the anode side, it dissociates (definition: to undergo a reversible or temporary breakdown of a molecule into simpler molecules or atoms;) so that protons and electrons migrates to the cathode under the effect of the electric field. The protons are also discharged at the cathode forming neutral hydrogen gas.

By placing a person to ground (either by holding the stainless steel ground tube in the hand or placing the Soft Ground Pillow at the back) while using the Ion Pro Wave array, a person in essence becomes a second cathode or are negatively charged to ground. Positive charge electrons and protons deliver the research frequencies into and through the body to ground.

Proton Properties / Throwing Rocks instead of Grains of Sand





Protons have mass, and this physical property means that protons tend to penetrate tissues without being deflected as much as a beam of electrons. Their weight also makes it possible to control where they release their energy. As the energy of the protons increases, the beam penetrates more deeply. The proton delivers most of its ionizing radiation where it stops or in this case where it finds a resonant frequency match.
Note Dr. James Bares comments as regards protons possible role in the frequency effects:
"…there is one other very important charge carrier in an atom besides and electron. Namely a proton. Now
a proton technically has a charge equal to and opposite of that of an electron. There is something significant about a proton that isn't normally considered.




The proton is 1,836 times as heavy as the electron. What this means is that from an energetic standpoint an electron and proton moving at the same speed and impacting an object will strike the object with significantly different kinetic energies. data-cke-saved-src=image&requestId=10ffccd44d972ed4&clickedItemRank=10&userQuery=breaking+glass&clickedItemURN=imageDetails?invocationType=imageDetails&query=breaking+glass& src=image&requestId=10ffccd44d972ed4&clickedItemRank=10&userQuery=breaking+glass&clickedItemURN=imageDetails?invocationType=imageDetails&query=breaking+glass& Results
To make this a bit more understandable. One could take a grain of sand 0.1 gram in weight and throw at a window or one could take a rock 183.6 grams in weight and throw at the same window. What would happen when the rock hits the window is very obvious." End Quote
If the Ion Pro Wave array is delivering both proton and electron energy through the array during sessions, this could explain some of reports we are getting.